where can i find a french blue city in RH?

  1. thank you for helping me with my previous post/poll of anthracite vs. marine city. i've almost made my mind to marine but then french blue started growing on me. especially when i heard that it's sold out in balNY! :sweatdrop:

    i do like the navy blue but am worried that it might be too dark (boring?) and that it might be more fun to go with a color that pops out more. french blue seems to do just that.

    well anyways, so now my plan is to buy a french blue city and if the color seems too bold for me i will return it and get the marine. i called the nearest Barneys and they didn't have FB either... anyone know where i can get one?

    thank you!!
  2. The only place I have seen one b/c it has been sold out is on eBay (no I am not the seller) there is a FB city from a reputable seller. I love my FB city. It is super fun!
  3. ugh. is eBay really the only place left? already? :crybaby:
  4. Is the City the only style that sold out in French Blue??

    Maybe check out AholaRag or call up Barney's and see if they can track one down at one of their other stores across the country. Also check out Neiman's.
  5. Why do we automatically react to the words 'sold out' with 'oh, I need one!'?? Happens to me ALL the time!:wtf:
    Good luck, I will be on the lookout for you at my local NM.
  6. I really hope this color isn't sold out everywhere already! I really want a French blue first! If anyone sees this bag, please let me know I will be forever grateful!
  7. If you can't find the French Blue, I think the Marine is absolutely gorgeous - not boring at all!
  8. i called all barneys yesterday and none of them had it and some never even heard of the color. :crybaby:

    i'm feeling pretty pessimistic about scoring one at this point (i don't know if i should bother calling other stores) but do please let me know if you spot one.

    i'm still on the fence about marine but if i don't find FB soon i'll probably go with marine.
  9. What?? None of the Barney's even HEARD of the color? ... you think maybe they're calling it something different?
  10. no SOME never heard of it. i heard "oh that must be a very old color" or "french blue? hm... well we don't have any blues here".

    and some had FB in GH but not in regular.
  11. Barneys NY definitely has some French Blue...the ones I saw had GH, but they may have RH there as well. Try calling them back and asking for "Cobalt", because FB is a Cobalt blue...

    Also, try calling Neiman Marcus! They have French Blue bags in RH...I've seen several Day bags in RH, but haven't seen any Citys...I'm sure there are some though....
  12. ^ thanks for the lead mimi, but i thought cobalt is aquamarine... no?
  13. Here's a post I made a while ago, on the thread "What Color is Cobalt?"


  14. I agree that the naming of these colors is terribly confusing and yes the french blue is more of a cobalt blue color. Nevertheless most of the stores that carry bbags go by the names that Balenciaga gives them. On the atelier.naff site french blue is called bleu de france, and aquamarine is called cobalt. You can check out all the color names on the naff site. Here is the link to the naff site. http://ateliernaff.blogspot.com/2005/11/balenciaga-color-swatches-by-season.html
  15. ^ wow thank you for the interesting tidbit. but when cobalt is used in terms of bbags i think they mean aqua because i actually did talk to a saks SA that said they have a city in cobalt but when i asked her to describe the color she said it's turquoise blue which is aquamarine.