Where can I find a Fendi Zucca Spy with Braided Handles?

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  1. I have been searching around for my holy grail - a Fendi Zucca Spy with braided handles, preferrably in brown. I've wanted this bag for a while but didn't get it when it was available a couple of years ago. Nowadays, all the Zucca Spys are with the Tortoise handles which I don't fancy. I'm checking eBay and see only fakes of that model, and consignment stores offer no luck either. Is anyone able to help? TIA!
  2. I am not sure what you mean. Most of FENDIs Zucca spy bags come with Tortuga Handles, not braided ones. The braided handle ones are usually Fake/replica bags, except those pictured below.

    Here is a list of the Zucca bags FENDI has made. They still sell the Zucca/Nappa leather one with Tortuga handles in the FENDI shops.

  3. thanks for the response and the link. so the only zucca spy with braided handles is the metallic one?

    i have noticed that all the zucca spys i can find on the internet seem to be fake. i've read on here that zucca spys were never made with braided handles. however, i do recall seeing zucca spys with braided handles back in around 2007 at neiman marcus and other department stores. this was 3 years ago though... so my memory may be off.

    i guess the title of my thread should be - "do authentic zucca spys with braided handles exist?" i'd really like to find out, so i can give up the hunt if they don't exist...
  4. OP - if they are not in the photos I showed, they don't exist. There are braided handles on Spy Bags that are made from other materials, like leather or cloth & there are Baby spy bags with zucca and braided handles...that is about it.....:smile:

    I really like the tortuga handles, so maybe consider that. :nuts:
  5. fefeluv.jpg I can say for sure they were made and do exist. I own one, I purchased it at the Fendi boutique in Houston,TX. Mine is the spy hobo, if I remember correctly it was 1080.00 with tax. BTW, I bought it it late 2006. Hope this helps.
  6. I was referring to a full size true Spy Bag (style 8BR511) and my link does show a few exceptions, like the hobo and baulotto baby spy. I believe OP was referring to a full size Spy bag 8BR511, and this does not exist in the brown nappa leather & zucca combo with braided handles. ;)