where can I find a deal of Dr Q Groovee handbag?

  1. i missed the Shopbop.com deal now it is sold out everywhere,
    although bloomingdales has it for like 10 minutes with 25% off, it was way gone before i found it.
    did anyone by any chance know where can I find a deal of that bag.
    i am looking for either color"nice tan" or "chocalate" the original price is 498.
  2. You could try to call some of the bloomingdales stores - they might be able to locate it for you.... I don't really see it anywhere else right now
  3. i called several this morning, including SF bloomingdales, they only carry the extra large size Dr q, which is 698, that bag is like a luggage, which is too big for everyday life, i am still searching
    but none of them offer to do a store search for me
    sigh. anybody can help
  4. Neiman Marcus, bergdorf, and Barneys had the groovee on sale. i would try calling those stores and ask them to search the companys' respective inventories too. as a last resort, you could always try eBay, but just to warn you, there are very good replicas of this style floating around. good luck!
  5. thanks guys, i am actually looking for a Dr Q satchel, instead of a tote
  6. I'm looking for it too. I missed Bergdorf's sale, on which the bag in nice tan was sold for $350. I saw one in pure black in my local Saks store last week, but it does not look as good as the 07Fall's version. I believe it is from recent resort collection.
  7. I saw it at the Bloomingdales in Chevy Chase MD today. But I wasn't sure if it was on sale or not.
  8. ^ OOOOOOMG thanks sooo much tadpolenyc....
    even with the chocolate dr.q ... my heart still yearns for the bordeaux
    so im going to stalk that bidding.....
    THANKS :heart: