Where can I find a Dark Grey/Grey Reissue in 226

  1. As per thread title, where can I find one of these? Are they forever gone from the stores?

    Also, I've a friend going down to Paris soon...any chance of her getting one there? I wouldn't mind the reissue in black/gold either. In 226 size. How much do you think it would be in Paris anyway?

    Sorry I have so many questions....hope someone can help...:smile: :smile: thanks!!!!!
  2. The grey reissue seems to be nowhere to find in US now. I've been searching for it for a while...sigh...wish I had fallen in love with Chanel when it was available~
  3. Ya me too. I've been on a search for it. So far I've only heard of it being on sale on eBay or through the MP here through some members.
  4. my sister got a 226 reissue in black with GH for me two weeks ago in Paris. The price for it was 1700euro.
  5. Resellers are the only option for this bag.
  6. Grey reissues are not released this year, so your only bet is 2nd hand or eBay.