Where can I find a chocolate Spy?

  1. I saw this woman today with a lusciously soft looking chocolate (dark brown) spy...I kept staring at it...she probably thought I was following her...lol

    Anyone know where I can find one? I looked on Neiman, Saks online but I guess it's not a current season color?

  2. chocolate is a permanent color, so they probably just don't have it in stock online.

    they have it at the Neiman Marcus in oakbrook, il, if you want to give them a call 877-868-2966 they are open about another 45 minutes tonight.
  3. I got my choco at Fendi in SouthCoast Plaza. That was back in March of this year. I had originally gone in there for a black one and they didn't have any so my SA showed me the chocolate and I fell in love.
  4. are you from ny? if you are go to the manhattan store of the manhasset store, i'm PRETTY POSITIVE that manhasset has it in stock.. but call first and ask and i'm sure they'll put it on hold for you
  5. Likewise, I think I saw one at the Bloomingdales in NYC (59th and Lex) not too long ago.
  6. nyc princess - i saw the chocolate and cognac spies at the SF Neiman Marcus just last week. give them a call at 415-362-3900 and ask for the handbags department. (i would provide you an SA to shop with except i don't have one just yet...) good luck! :flowers:
  7. Also saw one at Barney's in Chicago today. Ask for Nanette--she's great. I think she will be working on Thursday.
  8. Thanks for all your help!