Where can I find a BV sloane??

  1. I recently fell in love with the sloane and it looks like maybe it has been discontinued. Any ideas where I might find it online?
  2. I love the Sloane! it is a GREAT bag...what color are you looking for?
  3. Any BV boutique. It is not discontinued.
  4. The sloane is my favorite bag. It is not discontinued. My SA recently sent me one to look at, but I wasn't crazy about the color (sapphire) and sent it back. Just contact a store.
  5. As the others have said, the Sloane is not discontinued. If you're looking at the BV website, you should know that the BV website does not show every style or color that is available (neither do the seasonal catalogs). You can inquire at any boutique, or the online personal shopping assistants.
  6. Love the sloane, however, it is rather awkward at first, but does "give" over time to drape beautifully. I think this breaking in period might scare some off at first, but it is a great bag with a tiny bit of edge to it. I think it looks terrific in black.
  7. When I first took my Sloane out of the box, I thought 'oh no, mistake' but then I took the stuffing out and carried it that day, :love::cloud9::heart:, the Sloane drapes beautifully. Mine is Nero in Nappa Umbria, soft and dreamy! Love that bag! I've received compliments from Men about my Sloane.
  8. I just bought a Sloane, my first BV and you are going to love
    It!!! As those have already said, it does drape beautifully.
    I got mine at a BV store, and they can contact anyone to get
    the bag you are looking for! I'm so happy for you, BV bags are
  9. I got a red sloane last month in Saks, you can check with them.
  10. Sloane's being discountinued? *shock* I hope you find it, Oftentimes boutique has them:smile: GL!
  11. Thanks everyone!! I am happy to hear it is not discontinued. I would like something neutral so I will check with the boutiques.
  12. The sloane is a beautiful bag! You will love it. Contact a boutique and if they don't have one, I am sure they can track one down for you :smile:

    Joyce in the Atlanta store is a wonderful SA. 404-467-8705.
  13. Beautiful Sloane in Nero listed on Malleries. OMG! It is a beauty.
  14. if you want any BV bag to drape or slouch fast
    hang it on a door knob and put a couple soup cans in it and leave for a day or two
    it will start to slouch from the weight
  15. There are quite a few on eBay right now. I love the sloane. I got a pre-owned one and will not trade it for a NIB one because the bag feels and looks even better after it was already 'seasoned'

    If in yorpur search you find one in Carmine you MUST get it or let me know ASAP! Y
    That is my HG bag right now.