Where can I find a blk RH weekender?

  1. I'm looking for a black RH weekender. Anyone seen one at any NM or Bloomingdales?

  2. If you go call BNY I'm sure they can find one for you or you can just order one at balenciaga.com Last time I checked you could order a black RH weekender on there.

    Good Luck!
  3. I saw a black WE with GCH and Perf Leather at NM in Atlanta. It is gorgeous!!
  4. Any regular hardware out there? What about Barneys?
  5. ^^Did you not see what I posted??? For a REGULAR HARDWARE WEEKENDER: www.balenciaga.com or CALL Balenciaga New York. :flowers:
  6. Yes, I saw and thank you, but I'm looking to purchase from a department store. I don't have a credit card.
  7. ^^Just call NM. Tell the SA exactly what you want: Black RH WE, etc. and they can do a Nationwide search for you - find what you want and ship it to you or their store.
  8. Oh, Thanks! I tried calling a store and the SA said she would actually need to scan the item in order to find it in another store, she was probably just being lazy. I'll have to call a different store. Thanks again!
  9. ^^Yeah she was lying! They can look up the sku if they really need it. I don't like sa's that don't want a sale!
  10. ^It's such a weird thing, too, like you don't want the commission on an $1600 bag, what?

    Definitely follow up on beaux's leads, department stores can do searches!