Where can I find a black Stella?

  1. The black Stella with silver hardware is my DREAM bag. Does anyone know where I can find one? Preferably on sale (I know :lol:) but I can't seem to find an authentic one ANYWHERE.

    If anyone can find it, it's this board.

    Thanks everyone! :heart:
  2. ^I was just going to post the same one!

    Good luck with your search...with persistence, you can definitely find an authentic one on eBay. Check with the PF if you aren't sure.
  3. Thanks to both of you! :smile: I emailed her some additonal questions, so I hope she gets back to me. :smile:
  4. Good luck! I hope you get one. I will keep an eye out.
  5. Stella is no longer being made by MJ, so your best bet is to check ebay or call an MJ boutique to see if they have any left over from previous seasons... It won't be on sale though!
  6. This seller doesn't take PayPal.
  7. ^ Designer Imports sells replicas.
  8. Ooo really? Whew..... I was going to order my Burberry there!
    Thanks bag.lover!! you saved me some money. :smile: