Where can I find a black hippie?

  1. I have been carrying the white Legacy Hippie all summer and I love it - I am a busy Mom and love the long strap and ease of opening the turn lock bag - I am dying for a Black one and the outlet near me does not have any and does not know when or if they will.
    I have not seen any on eBay.
    Any suggestions?
  2. Did you call the 800 number to see if there are any still at JAX? Otherwise, save a search on eBay and it'll email you when one is listed. I'd save the search using the item number as well as the name. Good luck!
  3. look at the eBay deals and steals
  4. Yeah, agree with pp. I saw a used one on ebay this morning.
  5. whoa! that person got a hell of a deal!
  6. JAX only had white ones. The SA in my local Coach store said she can get one from another store for me - but I would have to pay full price and I hate to do that on old styles. Decisions, decisions....

    I dont know if I want used or not - I only paid $208 for the white hippie at the outlet and at the store it is $398