Where can I find a Black Cherry Giant Covered Day?

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  1. Bal didn't order it in this color and I've been told the same at Nm and Saks. Also tried Bob Ellis and Aloharag
  2. I believe I saw it at Nordies in Arden Fair (916) 646-2400
  3. Hmm I just called there and they said they had Ruby not Crimson/black cherry. ??
  4. Did you call NM and have them do a search? I saw a GGH city at NM Va. last week - no help I know.
  5. I did. Neimans only bought black cherry in the city and ggh city. I found one but it's at a store that does not give refunds and they only have one. I am way too picky to shop like that.
  6. ^^What about Barney's? :flowers:
  7. Does anyone have a good Barneys SA?? I usually buy from NM and Saks to save on tax.
  8. Most of the SA's there dont know what theyre talking about...you should try to talk to the manager...i forgot her name I think its Laura...but she seems to be the only one who knows what she's talking about...they told me their sapphire was violet but it was sapphire...:shrugs:
  9. Thanks Fancyy I will call back today!
  10. Thanks for the help ladies. I found one!