Where can I find a Antic Cervo Satchel in Cacoa? Anyone?

  1. Here is what happened today.... well I'll back up to Monday. So Monday morning I am online at Neiman Marcus and call them about this exact bag - the antic cervo satchel. She says they have one in stock - I am so excited. I ask them to ship it to me using second day service. I can't believe it and am very excited - you see, I haven't yet to see one IRL - only all of these beautiful photos and I just can't wait. So it was due to arrive today - but I also called them on Tuesday just to make sure that the order was in place, that it was on it's way and that I would be sure to have someone here for the bag's arrival on Thursday - Yes Ms. ilove2shop - It will be arriving Thursday. This morning I am up early - (haven't been able to sleep since Sunday night) and I check the email while coffee is brewing.... "we are sorry that your shipment will NOT be arriving today due to stock depletion." WHAT? Why couldn't you have mentioned that on Monday, or even Tuesday when I called? Why did I have to dream of holding this bag, smelling this bag you know the routine - why? I knew it was a stroke of luck to have found it, but I thought maybe I struck one of those lucky times when someone has returned it (maybe since Christmas is now wearing off a little) and I just happened to call on the right day.... Anyway - I am now still searching for this bag.... Any suggestions? :girlsigh:
  2. Wow... That *sucks*. How depressing. Well, if I were you... I would just start calling Saks, all NMs... Bergdorfs.. and then start browsing the 'net. That's more depressing than never even seeing it for sale. Your hopes are high and you're all excited only to be let down. I'm sorry!! I feel bad for you, it just doesn't seem fair... does it?!

    Geez!!! Ok... try calling all the stores I mentioned and seeing if anyone has it in stock, or if they can do a search in all their stores for stock - that's the best way to approach it. Hope this helps. :yes:
  3. OK..You are in luck.....I know where one is!!!!!!!!PM ME..ILL give ya my Sa's number