where can i buy these Christian Louboutin wedges?

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  1. there are similar ones on Net-A-Porter.com.
    footcandyshoes looks like they are getting another shipment of these, so you might want to give them a call at 707.963.2040
  2. I gave up looking for those in black too. I broke down and ordered the Steve Madden ones ($129.00). They look identical.

    View attachment 23325
  3. thanks! I just called them and placed an order :biggrin:
    that store is only 1hr from me :heart:
  4. i saw those the other day! I like how they look alike, but im anal and i wanted to get the originals, since they are only 345 :biggrin: + i love that CL shoes have that cherry red botoom
  5. Can you post a link please?
  6. You ROCK!!!!!!!!:rochard:

    How did they run? true to size, a little small. . . ?

    THANK YOU!:flowers:
  7. I have not received them yet. I'm hoping they arrive on Monday. The last Steve Maddens I ordered I ended up shipping back for a half size larger so either my foot is growing or their sizing runs small. (I'm hoping for the latter!)
  8. darn! footcandy is already sold out of these in the black 36... i ended up getting the cream 36 instead and a black 37 just in case they run small.
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