Where can I buy these bags?

  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm checking the LV website and saw these 2 bags that I really like, but it's shown under "other country", I checked the US link but it's not there, I checked eluxury and it's not there either. Does that mean these bags are not available to buy in the States or Canada?

    These are the ones I like:
    Mono "Handbag Riveting" and Damier Azur "Berkeley". Does anybody know where we can buy these bags? TIA.
  2. The Riveting bag used to be on the LV site, but was taken off. I think it is sold out worldwide? I'm not sure... don't quote me on it. The Riveting Pochette is still available online though.

    The Berkeley is going to be released soon. I suggest searching for it under the Summary thread posted by Label Addict.
  3. Oh I see. Thanks John! :smile:
  4. I believe there are still some Rivetings floating around :yes: And if not you can always get one on eBay for below retail.
  5. i dont think the riveting sold out so you can probably call 1866vuitton to locate one for you
  6. If you can't find it new there is always eBay, just be careful who you buy from!
  7. Thanks all! I'll pass on this one! I can't buy if I don't see it IRL first. Thanks again!
  8. I can't wait for the berkley!