Where can I buy the shinig monkey?

  1. u made me wanna buy a bottle of this, but remember I live in mexico so here that thing doesn´t exist, so I want to ask my cousin for one, he´s an airhostess or sth related with airplanes hehe... he goes to USA like 2 times a week so I want him to bring me a bottle, but can tihs thing be purchased in a supermarket, or specifically one or what? so I can tell him where to buy it. Thanks!
  2. I think you have to order it online on their websites..
  3. oh, gosh... thanks!
  4. I ordered mine through Amazon.com
  5. ah, okay thanks! still haven't figured out if they ship to europe. i've just sent them an email.
  6. No problem, good luck with it!
  7. gosh...they don't sell it in any stores?