Where can I buy TANO from NYC?

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  1. I'm heading off to NYC tomorrow and wondering which stores (MACY?) I can find Tano bags? Are all the prices the same or does different stores have different prices. TIA.
  2. In NYC the bread and Mortar Store is BAG in Soho. They are located at
    197 Mulberry Street. The retail prices of Tano Bags vary. For instance Bag in Soho has the Boogie Bucket for $215 and Must have bag has it for $199. Bag in Soho does have an excellect selection of Tano Bags right now. They even have the Street Walker in a Grape Color. I have not bought from them but do go in every couple of months to look at the Tano Colors and Selection. I prefer to buy from musthavebag.com as they have excellent customer service and is also one of two stores (Bergdorf's is the other) to send the Tano Bags in a dustbag. To get to BAG is Soho you can take the R Train to Prince Street and just walk three short blocks to Mulberry - make a right and BAG is just two blocks down on the right side
    of the street.

  3. Well I'm glad someone knew how to answer this because I sure didn't! Sounds like they have a fabulous selection... I'd love to go peek around hehe!
  4. ^^ Me, too! Wouldn't it be fun to get a group of us and go visit the store so we could oo and ahhh over the bags?
  5. The sales associates would think we were nuts! All sticking our heads in bags and sniffing and trying them all on and taking pictures lol!
  6. ^^My apricot Boogie beating up the smaller bags....
  7. BAG in soho has the best selection in NYC. Also LOOM in Brooklyn. Bergdorfs also has quite a few Tano bags on the 5th floor, but they sell out fast.

    You cannot buy Tano at any department stores. ( Bergdorfs is the only exception, and soon Tano will be in some Neiman marcus locations, but not yet.)
  8. :yahoo::nuts:
  9. That apricot boogie has such a 'tude