where can i buy stud logo earrings?

  1. hi gals! were they on sale too? how much price range should i expect? :smile:
  2. Mine were $210 without the sale. Someone mentioned that they are on sale, but I can't remember where or if the sale is over. Anyways, I love these earrings, I wear them all the time!
  3. thanks doublec31! :smile: any other ideas where i can get them?
  4. Sorry, I didn't even mention stores. Saks Pittsburgh (412-297-5357: this number goes directly to the chanel 'boutique' in Saks) had some two days ago, but they go fast there. Make sure you tell them what size you'd like, there's a cute mini pair, but the large ones are very nice. I know some Neiman's has them, I just don't know which ones specifically.
  5. thanks sis! :smile:
  6. The Chanel Boutique in Tysons, VA has some. I just called.
  7. Are you guys referring to the rhinestone studs or just the classic ones?
  8. I'm refering to the crystals ones. I don't know about them. I just bought a pair.
  9. I just bought a pair from the Tysons II galleria!!! i got them for $180.00 and theyre pretty big...ill try to post pictures :biggrin:
  10. ^ Please do! This may be a stupid question.. but are they white gold/silver? Or just regular "fake" jewelry?
  11. They're "fake" jewelry, a.k.a. costume :lol:

    Chanel can't make gold/diamond logo jewelry because of Cartier's copyright, I think.
  12. ^^ oh, thats really interesting about the cartier copyright.
    chibifry, to me, they look like they can pass for white gold, plus my SA assured me that they will never rust or show wear like regular costume jewlery...she told me to bring them back in as soon as i had a problem with them :biggrin:

    but now im wondering, if i got the large sizie, how come it was only for $180?
  13. btw, ive taken the pics, i just cant seem to find the usb :cry:
  14. My SA at Tysons said the large were 210, they weren't on sale... so dk, if yours were on sale I'm going to chew my saleswoman out on monday.
  15. hmm no, they werent on sale, maybe were talking about two different things?? uggh if i could only find that usb plug! :sad: