Where can I buy Ski Pants on Discount

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  1. I am interested tot buy Ski Pants. I checked out couple of websites and they seem quite expensive. Any suggesstions?

    Thanks for your help in advance.
  2. i don't have a precise website in mind, but always remember you can buy kids sizes (that is what i did in the past when ordering from EMS). They get to be pretty large... frankly when i bought age 14 skipants i had to sew up the back so they wouldn't fall down.

    I found that kid sizes start cheaper and the discounts are far greater than compared to womans
  3. Marshalls and TJ Maxx have some ski jackets and ski pants, really reasonable!
  4. thanks for the suggestions. i will check them out.
  5. I think REI is having a big sale right now... Their b&m selection is much better than what's online. Hopefully you have one near you.
  6. LL Bean has tons. I always wear mine with a cute sweater over it so I kind of don't care what they look like. I think I got a pair for 25 dollars or so.
  7. The cheapest place for basic black is burlington coats
  8. well, if you want stylish ones.... the name brand ones have more style (burton, etc). snowboarding pants in particular are more interesting.

    some places to check out: the-house (dot) com, sierrasnowboard (dot) com, backcountryoutlet (dot) com, there is also a search engine type of site that will give you a comparison in price for the same item from different etailers (provided you know what you want)....

    and getting a good quality pant is worth it. what i noticed at tjmaxx was that they had no ratings on their snow gear (ie the amount of waterproofness of the item). however, i did see a girls burton snowboard jacket there for $70... but anyway all those cheaper brands there had no ratings and i would not buy any gear without a rating

    good luck....
  9. I bought a pair from Target in the Boys Department. for $16.99, They are solid black.
  10. Don't think you can go wrong with backcountry.com or dogfunk.com (both are owned by the same company). They also have a daily deals site steepandcheap.com that has ski related items one item at a time especially since it's winter. Whiskeymilitia.com is also owned by the same company and does snowboarding gear/skateboarding gear.

    I just re-read all of that and realized it sounded like an ad LOL! I am in no way affiliated with any of the sites I've listed. I'm just a snowboard-freak myself and I check them compulsively all the time since I too am in the market for some new snowboard pants.

    Someone mentioned sierrasnowboard as well- they have really good sales. Those on the west coast can also try porterstahoe.com- their free shipping is just way too slow for me. REI is also another big site you can try- they have a lot of variety.

    Please also keep in mind that all the sites I've listed I've only looked at snowboarding gear but I'm quite sure they have ski items too.

    Lastly- the most important thing to look out for is the waterproof rating. Since I'm a snowboarder, I do spend a lot of time on my butt when I'm straping in at the top of the chairlift. I need some pants that will keep my derriere dry. For skiers this may not be that much of a problem, but then again if you ride the chair lifts, there's no getting round to sitting on ice or slush left behind. I would not suggest getting pants that are lower than a 10k in waterproof rating. The second rating is the breathability rating and you can get that according to your needs.
  11. got mine at sports authority for $20
  12. Wow, I actually got the same question too. Since I am a skier, I don't really wear those stylish pants. But I do buy nice jacket to go with my black pants.

    I think Dogfunk.com price is good. And I have ordered with them before. : )
  13. Try backcountryoutlet.com, rei outlet online, or sierratradingpost.com. These all are outlet prices for outdoors and snow gear. Hope this helps!