where can i buy sewing PATTErns?

  1. I am looking to buy some cute dress skirt and top patterns i looked at JO ANNS but wow its expensive!!!! does anyone know anywhere else? I am in Los ANgeles area, Thank you so much
  2. Before I started using Lutterloh and drafting my own patterns I would buy commercial sewing patterns at the fabric stores when they were on sale. About once a quarter (season) the patterns would go on sale for half off. At the time they were regularly $9 to $12, too expensive to buy if you wanted an outfit. You can also try an internet search or go to a sewing forum and see if they have any ideas. Those of us who sew are all about saving money and looking good.
  3. Simplicity.com You can also try "Sewing patterns" or something like that on eBay. I've gotten a few of my patterns there for dirt cheap!
  4. I know some people hate it there, but my Wal Mart (which is actually very clean and organized) has a TON of patterns and great material. The prices are very good as well.
  5. I also get some of my material and patterns there. DUH! lol I totally forgot about Wal-Mart(and to think I can spend hours in there). Patterns are sooo cheap there!
  6. Sign up for joann's mail advertisements. Every once in a while they have a great deal/coupon for patterns, sometimes as low as 5 for $5!! I always stock up then.
  7. Definitely sign up for JoAnn's mailing ads, like thithi said. There's always coupons on them for like 40% one item/cut of fabric of your choices, or better yet, every so often they put one brand of patterns on sale for $1.99 or even for only $.99 sometimes. Watch for those sales and stock up; that's what my mom and I both do. It's amazing how much you save that way.