Where can I buy red spy handbags?

  1. Does anyone where can I buy a red baby spy or medium spy handbag?:heart::heart::heart:
  2. I don't know what size this one is, but here is the description from Bag Borrow or Steal's never been carried section in the outlet.

    Fendi Nylon Moncler 'Spy' Bag
    SKU# BBOS8566
    Now here's a steal -- a brand new Fendi bag. Never used, never borrowed. This limited edition features a bold red, down-fill nylon body with a soft shape and beautifully woven leather handles. The logo-embossed zipper pull opens to a black nylon lining. The short flap top hides a lovely hinge-clasp coin purse. Gold and silvertone hardware provide the polish. Dimensions: 18"L x 6"W x 9"H; 5" drop handle.
    Now $1,660.00
    Retail $2,075.00
    20% off
  3. Nothing in red leather?!?!
  4. I didn't even read the descriptions, didn't realize it was nylon. I didn't see a leather one :shrugs:
  5. You cannot get a real red leather spy. The Cherry is no longer available, unless you find one on eBay. Or find a Cherry pleated.
  6. Doh! :sad: Thanks for your inputs!
  7. I saw a cherry pleated on sale on Bluefly. Of course, problem with Bluefly is that it's not that trusted for selling authentic bags. However, I think it's hard to duplicate the corded ones.
  8. ^^ I wouldn't risk it myself
  9. i have never seen the cherry corded spy on bluefly, just the chocolate.