Where can I buy or order RM's bag

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  1. Hi Ladies... I've been lurking around and found her bags very nice. But I have no clue where to get them. Please advice. BTW, love all the modeling pics.
  2. on the rebeccaminkoff.com site you can go to stores.. there is a list of stores and webshops. ;)
  3. my suggestion webshops:



    Go to the RM discount thread, you might find some coupon codes for the websites.
  4. Thanks Suetje
  5. There is a stickied thread above about authentic webshops that sell RM.. Good luck- you will fall in love!
  6. Checkout the discount code sticky. The boardies have put in tons of time listing reputable stores along with some codes that will save you some $$ on your new RM bag (often 20-30%). That way you can put the savings toward another RM bag.:okay::P