Where can I buy Nutra sonic or Trèsonic in Europe?

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  1. Hi! I would like to get a Clarisonic but it's too expensive for me at the moment. I read that Nutra sonic or Trèsonic are good dupe of it, waiting for the day when I can buy a Clarisonic I would like to give a try to one of those tools.

    I read that Italian QVC used to sell Trèsonic but now they don't sell it anymore. Is there anyone who could tell me a website where I can buy one of those item that ships from Europe so I can avoid customs? I also tried to search on Amazon and ebay without results :sad:
    Thank you in advance!!! :love:
  2. I got a nutra sonic from ebay last month.So far so good!
    just search nutra sonic and it will give you a few options :smile:
  3. Thank you! I found out what I wanted! :smile:
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