Where Can I Buy Lindsey Lohan's Pink Prada Clutch?

  1. Hello,

    I have been looking everywhere online for this pink Prada clutch Lohan had. TIA for your help!
    lindsey lohan pink prada clutch.jpg
  2. Thats technically NOT a current season..I know NM had some of this on sale a few months back....Id call and ask around
  3. Thanks so much!
  4. I see them on sites all the time in green and various bright colors for discount. Never seen pink tho. It's basically a make-up type bag. Cute!
  5. Right now Hawaii has a paler pink version (hot pink, not so magenta) with a little bow and handles on it, about that size, made for hawaii ONLY, and only 300 made and NUMBERED.....it is SO CUTE.......maybe that would do for you? I'd call and ask about it......I just got one over Thanksgiving and there weren't too many left.
  6. ^^ Oooo, I was just there and didn't even see that, probably because I b-lined straight for my bow clutch...... I love little prada things like this!