where can i buy hermes mail order


hi,ive been saving,and finally have enough for birkin,where can i buy one mail order,as trying to get hold of one in uk,is impossable.i want black,gold hardware,cant get any department stores in usa to ship.would like some help,i dont have time to get to south of france,until next year


Jun 8, 2007
I doubt you will have luck buying from H directly via mail; you can do so from reliable re-sellers and there is information available about them in the Shopping section.


Jul 8, 2008
Well, the list should open up sometime in the next months so if you call the H stores you might find out when and then you could go there and order one directly from the store. Delivery is around 6m to a year. don't think you can get anyone to ship one to you, if its not a reseller


thanks for advice,i nearest store,SA was really nice and helpfull,took my home ,work and mobile number,and told me,there going to change waiting list system,as can be unfaire,there is a list to get on the list,if i wanted a bag tomorrow,id have to go to paris central store,but shes going to make sure i get my bag of choice,and will keep me updated,black is the easyest colour to get,as thats what most people in europe want,followed by gold and reds,just depends on the leathers they have at the time.reds are S orders,but are the most popular S order colour.::yahoo: