Where can I buy goyard online?

  1. I know they used to sell them on Barneys.com but not anymore! I want a goyard so bad but no stores nearby! :sad:
  2. i dont think you can,,,, as far as i understand it you have to special order them from goyard,,,,
    not positive but i think if you know what you want you can prob call place the specific order and get it that way,,,, but you have to know just what you want then i guess,,,,
  3. Welcome Chaan!

    Barney's USED to sell Goyard online but, Goyard recently stopped allowing that (Barney's did a no-no and got smacked by Goyard). You can still find the bags at their stores...just not their websites.

    If you're unsure of what you want, you can contact the SF boutique and ask for suggestions. They'll email you pics and are very helpful.

    Good luck!
  4. Hi everyone! I have been trying to find authentic Goyard bags online but haven't had any luck. I know there are very few Goyard stores in the world and I'm lucky enough to be in NY but I haven't got much time to shop these days. Can you post a website? I would love to have the white one. The one that Cameron Diaz was sporting in What Happens In Vegas! :smile:

    Thanks in advance!!!
  5. I don't think they sell them online unless you buy from eBay. If you don't have time to go into the stores try calling Barney's and order from there! Or goyard in SF.:biggrin:
  6. Also Bergdorf Goodman in the city carries Goyard! Just call for a charge send if you know exactly what you want.
  7. I think your best bet is to buy directly from Goyard in San Francisco, Bergdorf or Barney's and have them send to you. They sell on ebay but I would not trust you are getting an authentic bag.
  8. Thanks everyone! I checked eBay but they only sell less than 5 Goyard items there. I highly doubt they're authentic. I'm just trying to save up so that one day I "might" buy that white Goyard!!! For now, I got a Salvatore Ferragamo Dora bag. Looks a little bit the same.... from a far! :smile:
  9. any idea how much the hardy sac goyard in hk$? pls?? and hongkong goyard already open?
  10. hongkong goyard-- peninsula:smile: across chanel
  11. hongkong goyard-- peninsula:smile: across chanel
  12. Does Barney at Beverly Hill carrys Goyard St. Louis? I want to check out the white one in person. TIA.

  13. yes, they do.