Where can I buy GGH Work/Weekender from??

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am a newbie for BBags so I am still wondering where can I buy GGH Work or Weekender from?? I am currently in Australia. The BBags are so expensive if I need to buy it from the store in melb. Any ideas??

  2. I am in Australia too. I never buy locally as it is far too expensive. There is a GGH Bleu Glacier Weekender in eBay now. Email the seller and put in an offer, as I think it's been on re-listed a few times. I always ask my sellers to undervalue & mark as a gift and I have never had to pay import duties or taxes. On the other hand, when I buy retail through BalNY or Barneys etc, I always get charged duty tax by Australian Customs because thay always declare at retail value. FYI, Australian Customs start charging tax when the value goes over AUD1000 and they charge it on the whole amount. If you decide against the eBay bag and buy retail, you can expect to pay between AUD400 - AUD500 on a Weekender bag.
  3. wow... that's a huge difference.. thanks.. I am on my way to eBay... yohoo.. thanks KDC:ty:
  4. Thanks RealDealCollection..
  5. ^^ RDC has one up now too ;)