where can i buy Gerard Darel bags?

  1. I googled it but barely came up with anything...only shop rumor. any other sites that have a decent selection?
  2. Try Delcina.com, I remember they started selling Gerard Darels
  3. Im in the market for a GD in that luscious new blue color! It sucks that the bags are so hard to find:crybaby:
  4. I've written to Mischelle @ Blondette in hopes that she will again explore the possibilities of carrying Gerard Darel. I also emailed the GD boutique in London to inquire about ordering directly from them.....will let you know if they respond! Gung...I will even be willing to sell my baca bags if I can get my hands on the new GD S/S 2008 collection. Hmmmm...wonder how much 4 of them will set me back?
  5. bagshop has carried GD in the past, as has NM, Bergdorf and Saks, but not any more. now only delcina and rumor sell online, but please do a board search before you order from rumor...
  6. Yes, DON'T buy from shoprumor- unless you like to gamble with your $$!
  7. I saw some GD bags in Montreal, Canda. Ogilvy......contact them to see if they can sell to you.
  8. That's a geat idea. Hope they have your blue.
  9. You are right about Delcina they have some but they are preorder. I don't like to preorder because A) I am impatient and don't like to wait and B) they have your money when it could be doing so many more nice things.

  10. They do, however I'm not certain that they will carry the new S/S collection. I suppose we should contact them to inquire. BTW....did you see the email that I posted on the other thread from Mischelle @ Blondette?

    Mischelle S. Papan



  11. whatever you do, do NOT buy from rumor until they clear up the CS issues!!
  12. My cousin got hers from gregoryshoes.com. It was effortless from what I heard, but not a lot of color selection.
  13. I got mine from Bagshop this Winter....have since sold it on eBay as I wanted the larger size. Had a great experience with Bagshop and when in Zurich recently, found other GD's and the quality was identical. I realize there have been some posts about marginal quality (?). Thankfully, I have not been such a victim. I thought cs at Bagshop was great.
    Contact them directly by phone....
  14. yes, bad cs from Rumor. Placed order last year, waited for MONTHS, heard nothing, called repeatedly, got conflicting stories, then stopped hearing anything, called last time and officially cancelled order! Never again!