where can i buy Diorama metallic calfskin in silver?

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  1. Hello
    i wrote to DIOR customer care couple of days ago asking about the size variants and prices for the Diorama in metallic calfskin as i wish to buy it this month end from London
    however, to my disappointment, they team replied with this:
    "our Diorama bag in metallic calfskin with micro cannage in silver from the Cruise 2016 collection is no longer available in our boutiques."
    if this was a part of cruise 2016, how can it be not available anywhere?? i am really looking forward to having a medium or large size metallic calfskin in silver or champagne
    need help with finding this one please
  2. I just saw one in our local boutique in Doha yesterday
  3. It is still available. Try providing them with this product reference number "M0422PSKN M090" and seeing if they can find it in their system.

    Are you close to a Dior boutique? If you are, then just drop by and take a look. Bring the reference number with you so that they can track one down for you from a different boutique if they don't already have it in stock.
  4. Hi, also please note that is available to order from the UK Dior website, pic taken just a moment ago.

  5. My SA had one coming in for me. He says the US boutiques is getting their last shipment. The metallics sold out fast in the US.
  6. I wonder why the US site doesn't allow us to order :confused1:
  7. I wonder too! Probably because Dior wants to keep their products more exclusive and not to easily accessible? My country also is excluded. But still great some other countries in the euro-zone have the option, so it is possible to check prices on certain items. Fortunately I live in a city that has a Dior boutique, actually it's just a 5-minute bike-ride away for me. But even if online ordering was available over here, I would still choose to get it at the boutique, as their service is just fabulous and wouldn't want to miss out on that (and they can also order anything). Of course if one doesn't live anywhere near a boutique, I understand it can be a hassle and online ordering would be great so you don't have to go through an SA or CS.