Where can i buy chanel sunglasses/eyeglasses online?

  1. I buy all my sunglasses at www.pretavoir.co.uk fabulous online company, very good prices and fast delivery, check them out
  2. www.pretavoir.co.uk authentic and realiable - hope I get a freebie for the advertising.
  3. Does anyone has a Nordstorm/Saks/Chanel SA's email address who can send sunnies to Australia? Many many thanks in advance :smile:
  4. Just found a pair of 5171 here in Vegas... off to go pick them up! I think the bows are the cutest things ever!!!
  5. Hi,
    I was wondering if anyone knew of a place that I can order Chanel prescription glasses online? The stores by me don't carry them. Thanks!
  6. Lenscrafter has them.
  7. I just got mine from SEE eyewear in Chicago. I'm not sure that they sell Chanel glasses online. I had mine made as transitional lenses because they double as sunglasses too!
    image-2346513389.jpg image-931894278.jpg image-2500130130.jpg
  8. Does anyone know where I can purchase Chanel sunglasses online? I don't have a boutique nearby and I'm very weary of eBay.

    Thanks in advance!
  9. I don't think you can get Chanel frames online but as another poster said, most Lenscrafters b&m stores have them. It's annoying how Chanel doesn't let retailers put their stuff on their websites apart from makeup and skincare.
  10. You can check out *bay. Some even come with the authenticity paperwork. Just have them authenticated first.
  11. I'm looking for Chanel reading glasses. Any good sites?
  12. Sorry to be so impatient, but if anybody could confirm that the above link / Pretavoir Chanel sunglasses are authentic, it would be hugely helpful. I was going to go to my local Chanel boutique and purchase them for $560aud but if Pretavoir is the real deal then it's a huge saving.

    I've only read good things about them, but the price just seems too good to be true?!

    As an aside, if I did end up purchasing them would the Chanel boutique be able to authenticate them if I took them in there (so I could return them if they weren't)?

    Thanks so much
  13. Chanel boutiques do not authenticate items.
  14. Thanks, ended up buying from the boutique for peace of mind and also as no online retailers had any stock