Where can i buy chanel sunglasses/eyeglasses online?

  1. Every site i go to does not carry chanel sunglasses on their website. The only site i found with new chanel sunglasses is based in italy. Is there any others??
  2. I'm afraid not, no Chanel products in general online.
  3. Better go to store to avoid the hassels. Lots fakes online.
  4. sunglassesitaly.com is fantastic, I bought from them after my first pair was stolen...
  5. Any more recs for site that sell authentic Chanel sunglasses??
    Most of the reputable places that sell sunglasses online don't sell Chanel :sad:
    Anyone else bought from sunglassesitaly.com?
  6. I also recommend sunglassesitaly.com but unfortunately I havent brought from them (overprice for US dollars) IMO
  7. sunglassesitaly.com is a good place to look if you don't have a store near then order from chanel counter at Saks or NM.
  8. That site seems like they have a lot of great Chanel sunnies. I have no idea if they're authentic or not, but if they are, I will be buying from them
  9. I've been trying to figure out the same thing. Unfortunately, the Chanel sunglasses I want are hard to find in stores (I think they're a season old), but they have them online at branded-sunglasses.com. eBay is definitely a NO GO. Seems everything is fake there.

    Did you ever order a pair from branded-sunglasses.com? Or has anyone else? I even did a google search to see if that site was fraudulent, but nothing showed up.
  10. How about popularglasses.com? They have Chanel. Has anyone ever bought from them?
  11. I purchase a pair of Chanel and Dior Sunnies from popularglasses.com and
    I was very happy with my transaction. In fact I origianlly spent over $1000.00 at Nordstroms for the the same sunglasses and when I came home
    I did a search online and found popularsunglasses.com. I bought the same 2 pair of glasses for almost 1/2 the price. If you are not happy with your purchase you can return them.

    Also both pair of sunnies that I purchased were brand new models.
  12. ^ Hey! Thanks so much for the info! I think I will try them too. (It always kills me to pay full retail!) I'll let you know how it goes!:flowers:
  13. Is popularsunglasses.com an authenticate site?

    Im thinking off buying a pair of chanel sunglasses from there i havent seen in retail so if you ever had any experience with this site, please inform!

    thanks in advance.
  14. Any legit sites for Chanel sunglasses? I want to get an older pair that they don't sell in stores anymore. TIA