Where can i buy chanel sunglasses/eyeglasses online?

  1. I've purchased a few pairs from Solstice, and I remember getting a discount - somewhere between 10-20%, however, I don't know if they always do this. :smile: You can call and find out though!! :smile:
  2. I have purchased from Solstice Sunglass Boutique as well. They will not give you any type of discount on Chanel sunglasses. It is by the request of the manufacturer. Sometimes they have promos going on where you get X amount of every X amount you spend- around 20% but it always excludes Chanel.
  3. Buying at mine optician is also less expensive.
    Because I'm a regular costumer I get 20% discount on purchasing Chanel sunglasses.
  4. Really? :confused1: I know for sure that one time my mom and I both purchased Chanel sunglasses, we definitely received a discount... very strange haha, but good to know.

  5. i got mine at henri bendel's in NYC, with no discount. but, i think CHANEL doesn't give away discounts, in terms of through their other sellers [dept stores, sunglass boutiques, etc.].
  6. I buy a lot of my designer sunglasses from this site:


    I used to get a great discount on Chanel sunglasses 20-25% off, but recently their discount on Chanel isn't as great as before - but there is not sales tax and shipping is only $12 so still a good deal. They don't advertise Chanel on their website, but they definitely can get them.:yes: In fact if you are looking for any sunglasses they don't advertise on their site, just get them the style number and color code and they can order them for you.

    They also sell on eBay under the ID: 4sunglass
  7. you're very lucky! i was told by the sunglasses SA that the F&F excluded Chanel. Sucks for me.:shrugs:
  8. Really sheanabelle? Perhaps she was misinformed. You called Bloomingdales - yes? I spoke directly to Whitney, the sunglasses specialist, who honored the discount.
  9. Is there a good site where you guys order your sunglasses?
  10. I don't think they sell them online...
  11. how do the ones on eyesave.com look? anyone good at spotting authentic sunglasses...when I google Chanel sunglasses quite a few sites come up that sell them, but who knows if they are "real"...
  12. Unfortunately, I am not an expert on sunglasses at all. Hopefully another tPF'er can confirm/deny authenticity on this site. I haven't heard of it so I know I'm not a lot of help here.

    Good luck! I'm interested to find out more as well.
  13. You need to be able to see the inside of both arms and the lenses to know for sure if they are real, that can be sometimes diffacult to get from sellers but you can try! The only guaranteed place is at a chanel store or NM, etc.
  14. I got both pair of my Chanel sunglasses from eBay members fashioneyestore & wasbina, they are located in Spain they arrived in 3 days both are 100% authentic,brand new,perfect with all the papers.Saved about $100.00.
  15. The Chanel sunglasses at eyesave.com are authentic.....I buy from them all the time.