Where can I buy Chanel online?

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  1. I've been to the websites of Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, etc. and I can't find Chanel handbags online anywhere! I'm looking avoid eBay b/c I don't want to bother with any possible fakes. Does anyone know of a place where someone could buy (preferably new) Chanel handbags online? Thanks!
  2. you can try consignment shops like Ann's Fabulous Finds or there are several Japanese sites that sell authentic items but obviousl they're all in japanese so are a bit hard to understand...
  3. Bluefly.com sells Chanel bags online.
  4. :graucho:
    I just googled the shop Ann's Fabulous Finds and I love it :heart: another Consignment shopt to add to the collection.
  5. yeah.ebay if you like shopping online
  7. I understood that no one was licensed to sell new Chanel online not even Eluxury. Is that wrong? My impression was that for online sales, the reputable resellers on Ebay and consignment stores were the best bet. Keen to hear others' experiences though.
  8. which Japanese sites sell them? i only know of Ann's Fabulous Finds,too.
  9. yes, it's true Chanel does NOT authorize anyone to sell online, not even eLuxury. . . they're owned by LV anyhow ;)
    If you find Chanel product online, it's not from Chanel directly, it's consignments, returns, etc. . . .
    This questions is asked every week.
    I'll close this since it's a duplicate, please consider doing a search:yes:
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