Where can I buy BV online?

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  1. I am new to BV, so I always have lots of questions...

    Where can I buy BV online?
  2. Bluefly, netaporter, Neimans, Saks and of course, bottegaveneta.com

    The BV stores are starting presale on thurs 11/29, with some shoes and boots going directly to 50% off! the red ballet flats, great boots and the patent heels! I was in the SF store today and found out from the SA
  3. OOh, great! Thanks for posting Belgians! Sadly the UK doesn't have presales, but looking forward to the sale next month!
  4. Thanks for sharing~~
  5. That is right Belgians. The first time that we are going right to 50% off. Normally starts at 30%. I manage the SF boutique. Who assists you? Was it me? Samuel- Tall, Thin with dark hair. Were you looking for the high patent boot in a flat nappa leather?
  6. Can you give us an idea of what will be going on sale, or at least what colours?
  7. Babyshingo,

    Keep in mind, you can call us at the SF boutique and we can ship anything out to you. We can send it on approval so if it doesnt work we will take it back for a full refund. We have a great website that is very informative. Just check out the site and let us know what you are interested in.

    Yes, I know.... I am plugging my business. But, I have made several great clients on PF. This is a great form of outreach.

    SF Boutique- 415-981-1700

  8. Nizlay,

    We have tons going on sale. Not sure of all the styles yet. But even a few of the classic styles are going down. Most of the Fall colors will be on sale. We are carrying over Carminio (Rich Red) so that will not go down. But, we are marking down Camel, Regent (Green) and Blonde. I even saw the Classic Ball Bag on the list. And the Classic Veneta in Fall colors.

    Feel free to contact me for more details.

  9. Sama415 or anyone for that matter...... what is a PRESALE?
  10. Presale is when they put things aside for you with your credit card information. They will then charge you the day the sale starts or sometimes beforehand. In the case of BV boutique's sale, I believe it is starting Monday 12/3 but as Samuel relayed above presale starts 11/29 (though other boutiques told me 12/30). :tup:
  11. samuel - what are the fall colors on sale for the venetas and what's going on sale in camel? i'm currently out of town, so i can't give you a call at the moment. thanks in advance.
  12. HI Samuel, any accessories on the presale?