Where Can I buy Balenciaga

  1. I want to buy Balenciaga Handbag but cannot find where to purchase them. I do not live near New York and the high line department stores do not show them on-line. Anybody know of authentic website for purchases.
  2. Balenciaga is not sold online, however you can careful go through ebay and you can find some authentic bags on there.

    Also if you head on over to the Balenciaga subforum...you can get tons of help over there.
  3. If you want to buy it online, go for Aloha Rag. However you can call BalNY and buy it over the phone.
  4. I'll move this to the B-Bag Forum for you, but you should do a search, this question is often frequently.
  5. thanks so much, I call NY mabe they also have a product catalog.
  6. Aloharag stocks almost all (or all) colours of bbags f/w 2006. Can email love@aloharag.com and request for a catalogue. Just bought mine from there as I couldn't get what I want from Balenciaga store in Singapore. Great service and they are authorised bbag seller. :yahoo: Can check on Balenciaga website if you like.

    Hope you get your bag soon. :yes: