Where can I buy authentic Qees?

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  1. Where can I buy authentic Qees? I mean besides eBay. Is there anywhere I can find out what all the various Qees look like? I mean besides the ones that come with the bag.
  2. Sometimes eBay has some cool qees. I just search by the word qee and a ton of stuff usually comes up! :idea:
  3. Qee lots or sets are the best, you can get many for the price of just a few blind boxes! And then, you know what you're getting!
  4. You can also order qee direct from Toy2R at http://www.club2r.biz, but their shipping is expensive since it's shipped from Hong Kong.

    There's other online site that sells them, such as http://www.myplasticheart.com. Just do a search on google for qee. I think qeester.com has the best selection though.
  5. So there is no way to get the first generation Meomi is there? I don't see it on any of those sites tho I did see a Dalek.
  6. I think they were selling bags at the Hawaii outlet with Meomi...maybe you can buy a bag from there? I don't know of any online sites selling Meomi, sorry. What about eBay? :idea:
  7. Yup, eBay for the ones that came on the OP bags.