where can I buy Anthropologie closeouts or low prices??

  1. help - does anyone know who handles anthropologies closeouts or where there returns go to etc?
  2. AFAIK they sell it all in the stores. They mark things down pretty steeply, even on first markdown. I haven't ever come across their stuff anywhere else.
  3. you just have to be ruthless in going through sale items...
  4. I've found racks of anthro stuff at Gabriel Brothers (which is a discount seconds and irregulars outlet type chain)... it's not glamorous shopping there but I've gotten a bunch of skirts for under $20 with their anthro tags still attached.
  5. Thanks so much :smile: I know they have closeout sales but cant find the jobber who handles it. I want it before it goes to TJMAxx...By the way this forum is the absolute coolest!
  6. yeah, I've seen it at marshall's, but I don't know where it goes between the store and there. I would love to know too!

    welcome btw :biggrin: