Where Can I Buy An Inclusion Bracelet?


Her Royal Flyness
Oct 28, 2006
I saw one on Elux two nights ago and fell in love. I just checked the site and it's no longer listed. :sad: I really wanted to get it as an Xmas present to myself. (Honestly this was going to be my LAST LV purchase of the year, honest). Now I'm bummed. Help! :crybaby:
I think it's kinda hard to find. I got so lucky to get clear inclusion because my SA hooked me up. I wasn't on the list..

Try to call 1866 may be some store still have them. What color do you want??
Thanks ladies! I just chatted with a rep from Elux and was told to keep checking the site for new listings. :crybaby:

Also, I spoke with an SA of LV who is trying to assist me with finding one. She has promised to call me at 10:00am when the stores open to hunt one down.

Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me. :sweatdrop: