Where can I buy a silk string for a pendant?

  1. I bought a gorgeous cross today and I think it would look better on a black silk string (for example, some of Tiffany's pendants come with silk other than chains) than a chain. Where can I buy it? And do they sell them at all???? I want to be able to wear that cross every day and I don't want to wear it with a thick chain...

    Thank you!
  2. Perfect! Thank you!!!
  3. Your welcome! Are you going to get a bunch of different colors? They have some nice colors there.:yes:
  4. Go to a bead store or a craft store. If you go to a bead store, the owner may even be able to assemble it for you, clasp and all.
  5. If you want high end, Cartier sells one ... silk chord with a yellow gold or white gold lock.