Where can I buy a rock band?

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  1. I'm praying some can help me, I saw a feature on e news or e fashion but cannot find more info on their website.

    It was all about leather cuffs for men with a big flat rock in the middle, they lokk so cool and I figure this is a be all and end all present for the guys in my family especially with Christmas coming up.

    Can anyone help me?
  2. Hi, I hope that someone can help you with info on that leather cuff. Meanwhile, this cuff is, IMHO, cool - worth checking out, I think (pl see the feedback)

    Etsy :: Wrap around leather cuff bracelet

  3. that is cool! I didn't see it in brown, I'm trying to get my brother away from black clothing as it makes him look severe when he is actually a really happy go lucky guy