Where can I buy a Paddy in Muscade (regular size or larger) on sale??

  1. I've tapped out my NM and Nordy's contacts... anyone have any suggestions? I really love that Muscade color. :smile:
  2. Have you tried Diabro? Or how about Overstock.com? Their bags are significantly cheaper and are almost like sale prices.
  3. Yeah.. I can't tell if the ones on Overstock.com are muscade color or not. They have very vague descriptions (i.e. light brown). LOL.

    Diabro didn't have the color or size I wanted... Thanks for the ideas though.

    Keep all the ideas coming please!!
  4. I know.. I am terrible. I must be stubborn.. I have to have one. LOL. Thank you ladies for helping me look. Oh well, its a sign. lol.
  5. If I were you, I'd keep calling your NM & Nordies contacts because they just had a big sale and I know that alot of people wind up returning things after they realized how much they spent. So don't give up hope totally.