where can I buy a moca?

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  1. Are they on market yet? they are so cute.
  2. You can buy MOCA only in LA...or eBay I think...
  3. Reaaaly? Now, I am "Maaad", but thanks
  4. I want to call MOCA and see what they have, but when I call I dont know how to get to a real person x_______x
  5. ^ I went two days ago...they have everything but the MC agendas (although part of me thinks they have some on reserve for VIPs...I heard one of the SA take a phone call and say, "Yes, we have everything")...
  6. Yeah, unfortunately the only place you can buy MOCA item is in LA or eBay.

    I WISH they would take charge-send orders over the phone :hysteric: because I really don't want to buy one from eBay at all (and I probably won't). :crybaby:
  7. Like others have said you can only get them in Los Angeles
  8. Whats the retail on the MOCA Neverfull PM? i've searched everywhere and can't find it.

  9. Prices and pictures of the MOCA items can be seen in the following thread: :tup:

    ------> 2007 Special Edition MOCA Releases <------
  10. Wow that link was very helpful, thank you!^^
  11. Are you still interest in buying the Neverfull? I am going to the museum this Thursday to return the Agenda PM and get the Neverfull MM. I was there the day (bought GM, MM, PM, & Agenda PM at) after Thanksgiving and they just had a 2nd shipment. Hope they still have by then.

    Those eBay sellers said that one person can only buy one bag, was it true or they hyped it just to make sales.