where can I buy a lv dustbag?

  1. I bought a LV from rebeccalou on ebay and it didn't include a dustbag. I wanted to get one but when I look on ebay I couldn't find just a dustbag for some reason :huh: . Am I calling it the wrong thing?
  2. Hi! This is my first post so I am sorry if I do it wrong. Do you live near a LV boutique? If you do, usually a SA will just give you one. Not all of the time though. Just be careful getting one off of ebay, alot of fakes are on there. Hope that helps! :smile:
  3. I've seen LV dust bags on eBay before.:yes:
  4. I have seen them on ebay as well, do a search for 'louis vuitton dustbag' or 'louis vuitton sleeper'??? Good luck!
  5. Just ask LV or wait for it to come up, they aren't always there. dustbag, dust bag, sleeper bag, felt pouch, ect. GOOD LVCK!
  6. yep, many MPRS sell dustbags. :yes:
  7. You can always contact let-trade, authentic_lvlady or another MPRS and ask if they have one in the size and style you want. They most likely do, and they you can go from there. :yes:
  8. since you bought your bag off ebay, bring it into the boutique, ask the SA to verify its authenticity then subtlely ask for a dustbag. they do give dustbags.
  9. Well, going to LV would be good but the nearest one is about 6.5 hours away!!! :sad: btw the seller was a MPRS so I guess I could just contact her and see if she can get me one?