where can i buy a longchamps purse?

  1. yeah, where can i buy it...? i have no idea =) longchamp or longchamps?
  2. I've also found Longchamp bags at Saks and Loehmanns.
  3. hi. i tried to pm you but it wont let me.
  4. longchamps has a store at
    Merrick Place in Miami or Coral Gables, Florida, was there yesterday, had a zillion sales going on, you could possibly call them directly for any bag you want.
  5. hi louielover, sorry i disabled it but i already fixed it =)
  6. Magnums discounts some of them. Some premium outlets have longchamp too I got a great deal last year 40% off of an already reduced leather tote.
  7. I ordered mine on the official website long time ago. (chose my own colors^^ with initial stamp on it)
  8. Also - when you order on-line, even with custom colors and stamping (initials or name), it literally took about 3 days to get to me! Love it!
  9. I've seen them on the Costco website.
  10. Go to an Off Fifth (Saks) outlet-they carry them all the time. Yesterday I saw several styles and colors at the North Ga Outlets. Plus you get an extra 30% off through 1/1/07 if you print out their coupon from their website. Good Luck!:yes:
  11. Bloomies has it but I bought mine at the Longchamp Outlet.