Where can i buy a Fendi Spy new ?

  1. I am looking for a new Fendi Spy but reasonably priced. Does anyone know of any sales at the moment?
  2. Jomashop.com do authentic spys at good prices
  3. Thankyou i will take a look now :yes:
    WOW i have bookmarked the site thankyou very much for the pointer . Unfortunately the 2 styles i want are out of stock but i will keep checking
  4. What two styles do you want? Spys generally do not go on sale. The only other place that might have new ones at a discount that I know of is bluefly.
  5. Another PFer just posted that there are two regular spies, one black and one honey, for sale at Jill's Consignment for $995 each. They're both listed as brand new:smile: HTH
  6. Thankyou i will have a look at this :smile:
    I went to buy both as the price is fantastic but they only ship within the US and i'm in the UK
  7. I shop at Jill's all the time....If you contact her she will make the exception to ship out of states!
  8. Diabro.net has some Spys!
  9. Thankyou:yes:
  10. im curious, how does jomashop.com manage to have brand new bags at such prices? is it some kind of an outlet ?
  11. I've often wondered this too. Would love to know how they can give such discounts.
  12. All of outlets in Italy do not have 2007 new collections, classic products. They have stocks(1~4 years).The retail price of 2007 Fendi spybag(8BR511) is 1470 Euro @authorized boutiques in Italy. I do not understand that how could they sell such lower price for 2007 collection. Any thought?:confused1:
  13. I think that Jomashop must get limited amounts of their bags, but I'm not sure where from. I have noticed that they don't seem to get new stock in very often, and others have reported buying from them only to be told that the bag has been sold, so it would seem that they only have one of each bag. My guess is maybe they get these and they were used as a sample or for photo shoots or something, but I have really no idea. I don't think they are an authorized dealer.
  14. I agree with you said that they are not an authorized dealer.
    I think that they have Italy import line if they only handle authentic Fendi spybag.
    BTW,as far I know, none of authorized dealer shops(All of designer brand dealer shops) do not have businesses with wholesalers, importers. I believe that any samples or for photo shoots which sold at the outlets (not sold for wholesalers, importers). Only authorized boutiques in Italy have business with wholesalers, importers. If they get a great deal of discount over 50%(if they purchase over 30000 Euro) from authorized boutiques,it could be possible, but it still does not make sense because they should pay for shipping, U.S.Customs duties(9%) for each handbags.
    I do not think that they can get more than 50% discount for 2007 new collections. Do they make profit only 10%?
    If they only handle authentic Fendi spybags, the price is unbelievable.
    BTW, do they only sell authentic designer handbags?
    I never used this web site before. When I saw them @Amazon.com, I thought that they were selling 99% mirror image well-made replicas. They are a high volume seller @Amazon.com especially watch.
    Any thought???:smile:
  15. I bought a cognac spy from jomashop.com early this year. Had out local fendi shop authenticate my bag and there wasn't any problem.
    Don't really know how they were able to price the item but I'm just glad they did. :smile: