Where can I buy a Bow online in Europe??

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  1. Hey guys,
    I am intrested in a Bow inspired by you all, normaly I am a LV lover. But I love the beautiful leather of the Miu Miu. I live in the Netherlands so for me it cost too much tax (21%) when I order a bag from a website of the US. Can you help me to find websites in Europe where I can purchase a Miu Miu?? TIA :smile:
  2. Don't know if they still have bows but I believe that styledrops.com and mytheresa.com are Europe-based.
  3. Also Net-a-porter.com have them sometimes, but usually only in one or two colors like black and maybe some seasonal.. Right now they have the one with studs. Raffaello network sell the bow too, I never ordered from them so I don´t know if they´re good, but the tax and custum for european countries are included in all their prices, they´re a bit more expensive than buying from a MM store though.

    Some MM stores sell via mail or phone, try to call one in Germany or Italy or what´s close to you and ask if they could help you! :smile:

    Good luck!
  4. styledrops.com, their prices are only tax incl. for the US.
    Well, thanks Miu2 and Thingumypopy for your help.
    If anyone knows more please let me know.