Where Can I buy a Black Cherry City

  1. I am absolutely in LOVE with this color!! It is perfect for fall, and better yet you can wear it with Black and Brown, which is mostly what I wear...the problem is, Where can I buy one?! I've seen a couple of your new beautiful purchases and I'm wondering where you've found them. There is one on eBay, but I'm not sure if its authentic..TIA!
  2. i just returned mine at the niemans in bal harbour, yesterday
  3. Would you mind telling us why you returned it?? Was it because of the color or maybe the leather??? I haven't seen one yet. Thanks!!
  4. I saw two recently at NM in Virginia. One was a GH and one was RH. Give them a ring and see if they still have them. :flowers:
  5. Thank you!! Voofy, why did you return yours??? I am wondering if it is the color b/c every picture I have seen the color looks different?
  6. I Returned mine on sunday and they also had the city BC with GH
  7. i had the chevre bordeaux and was trying to replace it, but it just didnt feel the same
  8. I've seen the one that they have with the GH and it's the most smooth, thick leather that I've seen in a really long time!
  9. NM at Fashion Island (Newport Beach) has one with GGH.