Where can i buy a bayswater with best price

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  1. I would like to buy a bayswater!!!!
    I am in US,,, where can i buy with best price
  2. Unless you know someone in the UK who can buy you one from the Outlets and then ship it over to you [outlets don't ship outside UK] your best bet would probably be Bloomingdales I'm guessing?
  3. Bloomingdales had an amazing sale a while ago, you may just have to hold out for another one of those if you're not willing to pay full price.
    If anything like the last one comes along again it will definitely be worth the wait. The deals were really amazing!!!
  4. Thank you ladies D
  5. Bloomingdales is having a sale now!! The mulberry is going quickly, I've been watching.
  6. The Mulberry stores here in the US have sales. You might call and speak to an SA. Best bet is Atlantic City and ask for Jalena. Good Luck!!
  7. Hope you find one. Good luck on your hunt.
  8. When Bloomingdale's has sales do they mark down the price of the Bayswaters? On their web site they never seem to do so. Or can one just phone a Bloomingdale's in New York and order?