Where can I authenticate my Chanel other than on this website?

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  1. It's really hard though especially because I'm based in Australia often I can only rely on picture authentication. Maybe I should send the bags into spa too to test it out
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  2. #17 Jan 21, 2019
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    15 series

    Yes! Send it in, you are paying so much money for a bag. It is not possible to tell by pictures I have learned for aurhenticstors.

    Thank you! I hope so, even leather surgeons couldn’t tell until they spent some time examining my bag. They said it was so well made, which gives me no reassurance.
  3. Should I try again with Etinceler to get a second opinion to your result of authenticity yesterday night?
  4. Omg 15 series is old! I didn't think they would have super fakes from older series! I always thought buying older series is pretty safe. Would it be possible that they've made a mistake? Can you send it elsewhere for a second opinion?
  5. I know these bags are still being authenticated over photos unlike news bags, but I guess they were around even then. I did have someone else give me their opinion and it’s a really good good fake.
  6. Send your bag in, don’t do it over photos. It’s worth the extra cost to have reassurance and you’ll get a certificate if you ever want to sell your bad.
  7. That's odd, because as per their website, they don't do picture authentications for classics with 15 millions series and beyond. I wonder why they made an exception.

    I don't think any authenticator is always correct 100% of the time and even if their authentication was wrong in your case, Etinceler would still be my recommended service for Chanel authentications, whether it's by pictures alone, or in person.

    I know Leather Surgeons is reputable and known for doing repairs for Chanel, but even they have not always been correct in their evaluations.
    Unless their authenticity certificate has been tampered with here, they have repaired a fake boy (that unfortunately has sold recently) :

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  8. That's entirely up to you. If you're asking if I'm certain of the bag's authenticity, yes, I am. That said, if it puts your mind at ease, I'd say do it. It's always good to have a 2nd opinion, especially if you are not too familiar with Chanel and are on pins and needles about your purchase. I do think Etinceler would have you send this one in for inspection (as per their website).
    If sending it in would be too much of a hassle for you, you can also contact Authenticate4U, they still authenticate all series by pictures alone. And then there is also Lollipuff (who I believe uses artificial intelligence to authenticate) and some other services you can find by doing some research. You can then determine for yourself which company you feel most comfortable with.
  9. im really surprised too that Etinceler would give opinions on a 15+ series with photos only. This is the first time I've personally heard of them being wrong.
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  10. I have always had a good experience with Etinceler. I tried authenticate4u but they never replied and then didn't replied for requests for a refund so I had to dispute it through PayPal to get a refund.
  11. Unfortunately yes, they were wrong about my bag. I had 2 other companies confirm it is not authentic.
  12. Hi there, I understand that this thread is a bit old but was wondering if anyone can recommend an authenticator in Sydney? I just purchased a Chanel classic double flap online. It has the original invoice from our local Chanel in the city which gives me hope but want to double check. Thank you in advance.