Where can I actually buy Goyard bags?

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  1. I tried the flagship shop in San Francisco and was told to look at some drawings and pick from there and then call them back. That was useless as I couldn't see the details or the colors. I did get a St Louis from Barneys of Beverly Hills 2 years ago but this time when I called to see what they had the SA said they were to busy. The first time they sent me photos of all the bags and were so helpful but not this time. So please will someone tell me where I can see the actual bags with prices and which country or city that I can get a non lazy response. It always blows my mind that SA's are on commission but simply make one feel like they are being burdened when all we want to do is buy a bag or two.

    Please help!!! :sos: Thank you.

  2. Was the bag you were looking for out of stock? I was it's at SF Today and both bags i wanted were ready for me to buy and take home, both with the entire color selection available as the SA Ryan said they just had stock in a few days ago.
  3. I don't know what is in or out of stock as I am trying to find actual photos of the collection. I live far away from any Goyard shop so would have to call in and order them. Where can I see photos of this years collection. Even the actual Goyard site doesn't show the bags?
  4. Can I bump this post up? Is there a thread on a list of Goyard salespeople in the US?
  5. There are four locations in the states that carries Goyard from what I know...San Francisco, the Barney's and Bergdorf Goodman in New York and Barney's in Boston. I have also seen some Goyard bags while at a private dinner at Raymond Vineyards in Napa Valley which was surprising lol. Also, Goyard does not like their products being sold online so you can only get/enquire about it in stores. Hope this helps!
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