Where can buy the new fendi petal spy???

  1. I am desperately seeking one of the new pink spy bags. Do any of you know who is selling them currently and could ship to Ohio.
  2. They are not pink blackmamba, the new colours are biscuit and Lilac, if you cannot get one in the US I know Fendi in the UK have them
  3. Thanks Saich2. Do you know if Fendi UK can ship to the U.S.? I have tried finding the lilac colored one and have only come across the biscuit. Thanks again.
  4. Did you try calling a US Fendi boutique? I imagine it would be a lot easier to get one from them than from the UK.
  5. Agree with Lit, it would be a lot easier to find one in the Fendi stores in the US if you can, if not UK Fendi does post to the US. Let me know if you need the phone details.
  6. Both Bellevue and Seattle Nordstrom carry them. I know a super nice SA who will be able to help you. PM me if you need to.