Where best to buy Goyard bags in Tokyo, Japan? Prices of St. Louis Pm and Fidji?

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  1. Hi, am planning a trip to Tokyo and would like to ask for suggestions on which store to go to for a Goyard boutique? anyone who knows the prices of St. Louis PM and Fidji in blue?
    Thanks in Advance!
  2. Not sure about prices in Tokyo but guess they would be 50% more expensive than in Europe. Loveless used to sell Goyard but now Isetan is the only retailer in Tokyo.
  3. Thanks for your reply, Koga! Guess I should not even think of buying Goyard in Tokyo anymore. Maybe I would just go to the store to take a look at the available styles. How I wish they didn't closed their store in Hongkong.
  4. Go and have look at Isetan! Tokyo is such a great place for shopping and the service is always excellent. Good luck and please keep us updated on what you decide to get!